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Redefine your industry at scale with the NowGo app by Premonition! Last-mile delivery is the most chaotic phase of an entire delivery process, taking up over 50% of the complexities and total shipping cost. Premonition saw this massive gap in every delivery logistics process that has been continuously underserved by traditional companies in the route optimisation industry. We are both technologists and experts in the delivery service field who aim to disrupt the long-underserved industry with innovative solutions. Our goal is to support delivery-oriented businesses in transitioning from paper-based delivery tracking systems and management systems into automated processes. 

In today’s digital world where markets grow increasingly competitive every day, companies that still run their deliveries and pickups manually are at a huge disadvantage. The capabilities of a paper-based delivery management system are incredibly inferior to automated systems, such as an automatic dispatch system, since manual processes take much longer to complete and are more susceptible to errors. NowGo is designed to achieve a lean delivery management system for every company – regardless of its nature and industry – and help boost its productivity to scale.

What does NowGo do?

NowGo is a delivery software app that benefits all stakeholders of delivery-oriented businesses from top-level management to drivers to customers. It leverages unified operations and optimisation to provide delivery managers with real-time visibility on fleet tracking and fine-grained control over their delivery processes where changes can be made up until the parcel reaches the end customer. Unlike other route optimisation software that tries to force order into the chaos of real-world logistics through a static and rigid approach, we use proprietary algorithms – called ‘elastic constraints’ – that allow any delivery team to work through the chaos without compromising the company’s key objectives and resources. 

This innovative delivery platform also features predictive technology to predict demand and potential delivery disruptions in every route to enable more efficient route planning for delivery managers, fleet operators, and drivers. This helps to avoid delays. The app can provide precise data-based predictions through machine-learning algorithms provided by technologies such as advanced geocoding, network modelling, and dynamic ETA calculation to improve customer experience. The software can geocode descriptive addresses using data from Here, Google, OpenStreet, Maps, local government units, and data from users participating in the data-sharing program. Automated decisions are also made more efficient as the routing algorithms are provided with a greater set of information and analytics drawn from data points such as driver efficiencies, vehicle efficiencies, traffic, and volume forecasts.

Finally, the NowGo dashboard enhances both driver and customer experiences through dynamic ETA calculation where drivers can avoid having to do second or third delivery attempts from missing the customer, while customers can track their packages at any time, which will ultimately reduce support costs for companies. The easy-to-navigate interface also reduces delivery times significantly.

How do I use NowGo?

The NowGo app is designed by Premonition with a user-friendly interface for all stakeholders – headquarters admin, delivery managers, drivers, and customers – to benefit from. NowGo login is the first step that end users from the company, who are granted access by the management, have to take to access the app. From there, all features are readily available on the dashboard so anyone, even without prior experience, can easily navigate through it. Automated features such as job allocation, route planning, delivery scheduling, and fleet tracking all contribute to the significant delivery time reduction that this app enables. Organisations that use NowGo have completed up to 23% more deliveries. 

As for customers, they can easily track their packages from the moment they create an order on the app. They can see information on the platform such as the pickup schedule of their goods, and they are also provided with estimated delivery dates for their convenience and satisfaction. This key tracking feature of NowGo helps reduce the demand for customer support regarding updates on parcel status, which can result in lowered support costs as well.

What are the benefits of using NowGo?

Premonition experts designed the NowGo app to provide a gamut of advantages:

For businesses
The app is highly configurable to fit the logistics suite of any company regardless of its nature of business or industry. Businesses can enjoy enhanced remote visibility over their fleets while being able to deploy changes in real time using insights provided by the app for them to make statistics-based decisions. 

For drivers
Drivers can stay safe on the road as the app informs them of potential road disruptions such as traffic bottlenecks, road closures, and weather conditions. They can also take proof of deliveries electronically – photos and e-signatures – to save time. 

For customers
Customers can create orders on demand and track their orders from there up until the package is delivered to their address. The advanced routing engine of the software enables customers to track their parcels in real time and avoid missing the delivery thanks to ETAs that they will receive through mobile notifications. 

NowGo is the top choice for future-minded delivery service companies in Australia! With the shortened delivery times, enhanced employee and customer experiences, optimised funds, and overall streamlined delivery processes that the app guarantees, any business looking to grow their productivity and profit should invest in this app. Businesses don’t need to fear major disruptions in their operations once it will be integrated into their existing systems since it is designed to enable a smooth transition from current systems to the new software. It is also highly configurable to suit any business needs and goals. 

There’s no better time to adopt the NowGo system into your delivery management than now! Contact the Premonition team now to know how you too can enjoy the benefits offered by this innovative app!

Our Customers Achieve amazing results

Find out how Premonition helps Aramex scale

Aramex has been working with Premonition since 2017. Our NowGo platform powers the Aramex crowdsource logistics network, delivering a 12% improvement whilst seamlessly allowing them to scale up during the peak times of the year.

NowGo Driver App

Route Optimisation - Realtime optimisation of delivery runs at your fingertips

Easy to use - intuitive interface designed for safety and simplicity that anyone, regardless of experience, can use

Offline mode - continue working despite loss of connection and never lose any data

Workflows - highly configurable to suit different types of delivery fleets and industries

Electronic Proof Of Delivery - capture PODs using signature and multiple photos

NowGo Dashboard

Optimised job allocation across the entire fleet, not just on a driver level

Flexibility and control to handle real world scenarios

Real-time visibility of every job, driver, exception, and event

Enterprise-grade security, stability and performance


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