Our Mission

We optimise the transport networks of tomorrow to empower carriers, merchants and consumers. We do this because we believe the world should be smaller and more connected.

OUr origin

It started as a passion for social impact

We began our foray into logistics helping the foodbanking sector coordinate the movement of fresh produce from those with surplus to those in need. Our technology increased efficiencies and greatly reduced food wastage. What started as a project to end hunger has since turned into a mission to power the future of all logistics.

The people behind it all

Meet the Team

A diverse group of passionate business builders with a unique combination of expertise in logistics, enterprise technology and start-up innovation. Together, we aspire to create a generational leap in logistics technology.

Our leadership

Brad Lorge

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Brad is an entrepreneur, computer scientist, software engineer, and Co-Founder of Premonition. He is also a passionate advocate for businesses to achieve positive social impact.

Tien-Ti Mak


Tien brings two decades of experience across a variety of industries including telecommunications, insurance, superannuation, banking, government and logistics.

Matthew Moss

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Matt’s expertise in distributed systems, security, and systems design has assisted in the development and constant improvement of the cutting edge technology at Premonition.

Kenneth Wong

Optimisation Lead & Co-Founder

Kenneth’s dedication and attention to detail are a driving force underpinning Premonition’s Optimisation engine and quest for continuous improvement.

Niklas Olsson

Chief Customer Officer & Partner

Niklas leads Premonition’s efforts to ensure that we have happy customers, and that each engagement has a positive outcome and a measurable impact for the company.

Aaron Darling

Director of Product

Aaron leads Product Development and is a founding member of Premonition. With a lifelong passion for technology, he enjoys challenging conventions and building tools to solve problems.

Amanda Smith

Head of PeopleOps

Amanda has led HR and Change teams for over 20 years. Her experience and leadership ensures Premonition continues to be a great place to work.

Trevor Goodman


Trevor is an accomplished leader with experience in financial, operational, strategic lead and C-suite roles. At Premonition he ensures there is a plan and the means to back up the vision.


We have won some awards along the way

ATC 2017 - Winner for smart cities

UNSW Innovation Awards – Winner for Outstanding Startup 2017

iAwards/HILLS – Young Innovator of the Year 2015

Offer your customers an incredible service at lower cost

Premonition makes delivery and fleet management a breeze. Our powerful technology gives you full control, from route-optimisation and planning to delivery management and customer support. It’s a complete, end-to-end technology solution.

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