Logistics for the modern world

A new approach

The global logistics industry is struggling to meet market expectations of speed, quality, and flexibility across their networks. This pressure is increasing with new market entrants and unconventional operating models such as crowdsourced delivery.

Traditional computer-assisted processes are not scaling with these expectations due to the limitations of human processing. Old methods of software optimisation don't account for the complex real-world situations that humans traditionally have to navigate.

At Premonition, we saw an opportunity to take a new approach to this problem with technology. Our approach takes advantage of modern computer science to deliver scalable, real-time fleet optimisation - all with the contextual nuance of a human operator. We call it autonomous logistics.


We have won a couple of awards along the way, including:

Origins in foodbanking
Origins in foodbanking
Origins in foodbanking
ATC - Winner for Smart Cities 2017
UNSW Innovation Awards - Winner for Outstanding Startup 2017
iAwards/HILLS - Young Innovator of the Year 2015